The Cosmic Adverse is the culmination
of everything a story should be.


Love, honor, self-discovery; none of that bullshit’s in The Cosmic Adverse. This novel promises to ooze character, buzz electric, and be the most unique fantasy novel you’ve ever read. The Cosmic Adverse follows the journey of Ser Sarrafin, a kid who finds himself in the middle of a war between gods and nations. Ser’s story is gritty, full of rowdy personalities, and easily accessible to young adults.

The Cosmic Adverse starts with Ser Sarrafin being taken from his home and forced to join the wrong side in a lost war. He sees the full breadth of humanity’s cruelty during a battle and barely survives the encounter. Ser’s then assigned a suicide mission to save Aerinne Cagi, a princess from the flying archipelago of Cornelia. Aerinne is being held captive by the keeper of the Flame, an immortal beast of a man named Tandros Sugarra. Ser must face bloodthirsty creatures, distrusting allies, and his own insecurities as he treks through the wild jungles of Afirit.

Ser discovers Aerinne in an unlikely place, and the young Sarrafin learns a very important fact about the girl. Aerinne isn’t the kind of princess who wants to be saved from Tandros; no, she wants to get even, and she wants Ser to help.

Magic, dragons, and knights in shining armor take a backseat to character development and plot progression in The Cosmic Adverse. Philosophy, theology, and pop culture references form the backbone of Ser’s narrative as he wrestles internal and external obstacles during his quest for love, honor, and self-discovery.

Did I say that none of that bullshit was in the novel? Readers should be warned that The Cosmic Adverse’s characters, setting, and author cannot be trusted. Especially the author.

Fireside Flush is the first novel in The Cosmic Adverse saga, a unique fantasy epic written for young adults. The saga is riddled with mature themes that include abuse, torture, violence, sex, and perhaps most gruesome of all: rational self-interest. The series is a call to arms for anyone struggling to find their way in today’s world of Sports Center politics and flash-fried economics.